The Three Key Tech Pieces of a Live Casino

When players choose to play live casino they are able to enjoy a real-time gaming experience that replicates that of a brick and mortar venue. In order to ensure the player’s experience is flawless, three key tech pieces must be present: the studio, the gambling table and the cameras.

The studio is the core component of a live casino, and it must be equipped with several cameras that capture different angles of the game. This allows the dealers to see their online gamblers and encourage communication (the dealer usually welcomes new players and can answer questions in real-time). The cameras also enable the dealer to know when there are no more bets to take, and they will inform the players in a matter of seconds.

Typical games found at live casinos include blackjack and roulette. With the former, players will click a button to tell the dealer what they want to do, and this will be processed in real-time. In addition, the dealer will respond to their decisions in real-time, and there is even a chat facility that can be used for additional information.

In addition, roulette tables come with outside and inside bets that can be placed. The dealer will spin the wheel and the winning bets will be paid out as soon as the ball lands in a pocket. Many live casinos offer a variety of roulette titles including games with different playing rules such as French or American.

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