Preventing Internet Gambling

Online Gambling

Among the many forms of gambling, Internet Gambling is a rapidly growing trend. It is facilitated by technological advances that allow for increased availability and convenience. It also provides a wider variety of betting options. However, the use of this medium can contribute to gambling addiction and excessive use. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

Internet gambling involves placing bets on the internet. This means that you may have to download software and make payments to an online casino. This requires a secure and stable Internet connection. It is important to find an online gambling site that has a valid gambling license. This will confirm that the site does not engage in illegal practices.

In addition to preventing people from playing on websites that don’t adhere to the law, the federal government also has a responsibility to regulate the industry. These efforts have been met with some success. One recent case involved a Florida business that agreed to pay a $4.2 million fine and launch a public service campaign against internet gambling.

Another case involved the U.S. Marshal seizing more than three million dollars from a Discovery Communications operation that accepted ads for an online gambling facility in Costa Rica. The case was heard by the Fourth Circuit.

During the trial, the United States alleged that K23 Group Financial Services illegally operated an Internet poker site. The charges stem from the fact that the operators were engaged in money laundering, which is a criminal offense under 18 U.S.C. 1955.

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