Online Gambling and Problem Gambling

Online Gambling is a term used to refer to a range of wagering activities including sports betting, casinos, virtual poker and lotteries. It is also known as interactive remote gambling. Internet gambling has changed the way gamblers engage in gambling over the past fifteen years.

Among the most common benefits of Internet gambling are speed and convenience. However, these advantages can be accompanied by the risk of disordered gambling. Problem gamblers also have a higher incidence of involvement in Internet gambling, although this does not indicate that online gambling causes problem gambling.

Problem gamblers are likely to report having a problem before they begin online gambling. Additionally, one-third to one-half of problem gamblers attribute their problems to land-based forms of gambling.

Nevertheless, the commercial nature of the gambling business may satisfy constitutional concerns regarding the Commerce Clause. Further research is needed to determine whether Internet gambling is associated with gambling problems. In addition, there is a need to assess how to integrate Internet gambling behaviour with other types of gambling.

A number of studies have examined the relationship between Internet gambling and gambling problems. Most of these studies were cross-sectional. Some of the studies, such as LaPlante and colleagues, found that problem gamblers are more involved in Internet gambling than non-problem gamblers.

The same authors also identified a possible relationship between gambling formats and problem gambling. They also found that the more involved a gambler was, the more they used the Internet.

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