Is Online Gambling Illegal?

Online Gambling

Online Gambling consists of placing bets on sporting events or casino games through the Internet. It includes lottery games and professional poker, as well as blackjack tournaments.

The legality of online gambling varies between countries and states, with many jurisdictions banning it outright. In the United States, the Internet Gambling Control Act of 2006 criminalizes gambling activities by regulating the following conduct: (1) engaging in any activity that involves significant risk of loss or damage to property; (2) conducting a lottery, policy, bolita or numbers game; (3) using an electronic device for the purpose of betting or placing bets; and (4) committing fraud or deceptive acts on or in connection with a gambling activity.

Fraudulent behavior within the online gambling industry is not new, and it’s a growing threat to operators. The sheer accessibility of online gambling, traditional ties to money launderers, and regulatory interest in the sector all combine to make it a prime target for fraudsters.

Increasingly sophisticated scams and malicious sign-up attempts are driving the risk to players. SEON helps operators combat these threats by providing a robust, sophisticated fraud platform and dedicated fraud analyst team to ensure their compliance teams can catch affiliate fraud, bonus abuse and more.

For any operator, the threat of fraud can quickly translate into lost revenue, compliance issues, and even reduced customer satisfaction. Whether you’re targeting players in the US, Europe or elsewhere, fraud is a major headache for any casino. Fail to solve fraud issues and your reputation will take a hit.

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